Dark Inheritance (digital copy)

Tim Bach / Moonrisecomics.com
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A wild sci-fi tale of dragons with laser swords!

On a barren world at the edge of the galaxy, two dragon knights--brothers, now enemies--face off in one final confrontation over the true nature of their ​father's legacy.

In DARK INHERITANCE, writer Timothy Bach (The Family Graves, Gargoyle By Moonlight) mixes galactic space fantasy with sibling rivalry to spin a noble story of brothers on the opposite sides of an idea.

​Artist Nick Valente brings the ferocious majesty of the dragon knights to life with blistering action and a humanity that captures the emotional tragedy at the heart of the conflict.

With colors by Andre Zarate and letters and production by Marco Della Verde.

  • 14-page full-color PDF of dragons with laser swords!

  • Size
    11.6 MB
  • Length
    14 pages
  • 14-page full-color PDF of dragons with laser swords!
  • Size11.6 MB
  • Length14 pages
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Dark Inheritance (digital copy)

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